Trends in Outdoor Wicker Furniture Decor

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Trends in Outdoor Wicker Furniture Decor

4 June 2018
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Creating an outdoor living area means picking out the seating options for that space. There are many patio seating options available, but one that gets overlooked is wicker. You may overlook wicker because traditionally outdoor wicker contained smaller pieces. You may be overlooking wicker because you feel the upkeep is too time consuming. Before you totally overlook outdoor wicker furniture as an option, consider the following trends and how they may be ideal for your outdoor living area and seating.

Rounded Sectionals

Space and size are concerns for many homeowners trying to upgrade their outdoor living areas. You want something that is comfortable, will accomodate more than two people, and has room enough to lounge. Many outdoor wicker furniture manufacturers have started building rounded off sectionals and matching pieces to offer more seating and more room to lounge and relax. The rounded edges of the sectionals and tables also give the appearance of larger furniture by removing the harsh lines of a traditional squared off option.

Cushion Storage Pieces

Having a place to store cushions that keeps the cushions safe from weather damage may seem easy enough. The problem is the space that cushions take up in the home, on an enclosed patio, or in a garage when they are not in use. Also, many people do not want to tote outdoor wicker furniture cushions in and out of an area on a routine basis. One of the trends in wicker outdoor furniture is to have wicker storage pieces that match the furniture, but also work as an end table or coffee table as well. This gives you a more finished outdoor living look and adds more options for seating arrangements and areas to sit food and drinks.

Weather Resistant Wicker

There are some people that have the misconception that wicker will not hold up under certain weather conditions. This misconception leads some to believe that wicker outdoor furniture must be covered or moved indoors when there is a heavy rainstorm. The truth is, you can buy weather resistant wicker options at most home improvement and hardware stores. The weather resistant wicker outdoor furniture is sealed to protect against rain. The seal allows the rain to wick away from the furniture which allows for quicker drying times as well.

If you think that outdoor wicker furniture may be ideal for your outdoor living space, visit your local wicker furniture dealer. They can help you with the right wicker for your environment, maintenance, and with design options. They can also help you with pricing and any questions you have. You can also click here for more information.