2 Common Reasons Why People Reupholster Their Furniture

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2 Common Reasons Why People Reupholster Their Furniture

19 December 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Here are some common reasons why people decide to reupholster their furniture.

The upholstery fabric on their furniture is unsanitary

One reason why people choose to use reupholstery services is due to the upholstery fabric on their furniture becoming unsanitary. Even if a person tries their best to keep their upholstered armchair clean, there may come a time when it will become too unclean to sit on. This is especially true in homes where, for instance, there are pets who jump on the furniture, children who like to use colouring markers or eat snacks while on the furniture or people who like to curl their (not always perfectly clean) feet underneath them when they're relaxing in an armchair or on the sofa.

The fabric on upholstered furniture can be spot-cleaned; however, because it's not usually easy to remove, those who have this furniture can't usually put the fabric in the washing machine (which would be the most effective way to sanitise it). Furthermore, spray-on disinfectant products can cause this fabric to get discoloured. As such, over time, most upholstered furniture that's in regular use will smell musty and develop several unhygienic stains. When this happens, it's best for the owner of the furniture to get rid of the existing fabric and have the furniture reupholstered with fresh, clean upholstery fabric. This will mean they won't have to worry about their family and visitors getting bacteria on their clothes or skin when they use the furniture.

They've redecorated their home and need to update their upholstered furniture

People sometimes decide to change the upholstery fabric on their furniture when they redecorate their homes, to ensure that the furniture looks good with the new decor. If, for example, their old upholstery fabric featured a floral, pastel pink pattern that went well with their previous shabby chic living room decor, but they have now updated this room so it has a more simple and modern aesthetic featuring bright block colours, they might need to reupholster the furniture with a plain but vivid-coloured fabric, to ensure it suits the room's new look.

If a person's upholstered furniture is well-made or they like its design, using a reupholstering service is a great alternative to buying entirely new pieces of furniture. Not only will it probably be less expensive but it will also use up less of their time, as the person won't have to spend hours upon hours visiting local furniture stores and looking through furniture websites to find new pieces.

Speak to a reupholstering service to find out more.