The first house I bought had bare floors that had seen better days, so I started looking at flooring options with the view that one type of flooring would suit my whole home. I chose pine flooring for every room, and that was a costly mistake. Pine is a softwood, and it didn't hold up well in busy traffic areas. I decided to learn more about different types of flooring that are available before parting with more money, and I started this blog to share what I learned and provide new homeowners with some tips for choosing the right flooring for each room in their home. I hope you find my blog useful.

Kitchen Designs that Suit Busy Family Homes

16 October 2018
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When you're running a busy family home, your kitchen can either feel hectic or like a haven. If the time has come for you to redesign your kitchen, the changes you make will have a significant impact on how it functions. Therefore, it's worth considering kitchen designs that suit busy households. Expansive worktops featuring granite Managing a busy home often means dedicating a lot of time to cooking. Whether everyone sits down together to enjoy meals or you prefer to eat separately, having a lot of worktop space is essential. Read More …

If You Want Your Staircase Balustrades to Keep Kids Safe, Think About the Spindles

26 September 2018
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For obvious reasons, a staircase without a balustrade is not a good idea. If you have kids in the house, it's even more important to have this particular safety feature, as children are less steady on their feet than adults are, and they're more prone to accidents. While balustrades are mainly there to give support while using the stairs by giving you something to grip, they help keep children safe in other ways. Read More …

Beyond Repairs and Refills: 3 Additional Services Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Companies Can Provide

7 September 2018
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First and foremost, the main services all fire extinguisher maintenance companies provide are extinguisher inspections, refills and repairs. You may already know that these fire extinguisher services are a yearly essential, but don't forget that having working fire extinguishers isn't the only important part of your company fire safety plan. If you want to ensure you have comprehensive fire protection to keep your staff and your livelihood safe, you should look for a servicer who offers additional fire services alongside extinguisher inspections. Read More …

The Upsides And Downside Of Timber Kitchen Benchtops

14 August 2018
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A kitchen benchtop is something you would glance at hundreds of times in a week, if not thousands of times. So you should choose something you love to look at that does the job. Timber benchtops offer a treat for the eyes even when clear and empty of tasty food.  While timber bench tops do need regular care and attention, they come with plenty of upsides. Wood Is Naturally Beautiful With Great Variety Of Colors Read More …

How to Create a Coastal and Casual Kitchen Space

25 July 2018
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While dark kitchen cabinets and flooring can be warm and traditional, a casual and coastal kitchen theme can be bright and inviting and a better choice for small spaces that may seem even tinier with dark and rich features. However, it can also be easy to cross the line from casual and coastal to stark and sterile! You may then be interested in a Hamptons style kitchen. Note a few tips for effectively adding a casual and coastal look to your kitchen so you can create a space you'll love for many years to come. Read More …