Guide to Getting Extended Service from Your Zero Turn Lawn Mower

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Guide to Getting Extended Service from Your Zero Turn Lawn Mower

20 April 2016
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Zero turn lawn mowers have completely transformed how mowing tasks are performed in many residential lawns. These highly manoeuvrable mowers have made lawn mowing a delightful activity; with zero turn lawn mowers, mowing is no longer a physically demanding task that most homeowners dread.

Even though they are designed to bear up to the severities of regular use, zero turn lawn mowers require proper use and maintenance to continue performing reliably, safely and efficiently, as with other mechanical equipment. Follow these tips to help lengthen the lifespan of your zero turn lawn mower.


The blades on your lawn mower are meant to cut turf. Quite often, they end up coming into contact with small stones, wood chips and other hard objects that may be present on the surface of your lawn. When the blades hit on these hard objects, they suffer damage. Make sure you clear your lawn off any hard objects that may cause the blades to bend, dent or break because blunt blades tear turf instead of cutting it cleanly. It is also advisable to mow your lawn when it is dry, so that the weight of your equipment on the wheels does not make the blades cut turf lower that they should. Inspect your blade regularly for damage and sharpen it depending on usage. Replace the blade if need be, and make sure you use a brand recommended by the manufacturer.

Engine oil

The engine of your zero turn lawn mower is essentially its lifeline. For that reason, making sure that the engine is running without any problems is key to extended service life. Engine oil is designed to keep your equipment sufficiently lubricated to run smoothly for the entire duration of its usage. New oil is generally bright in colour but will tend to darken as it ages. Make sure you replace old engine oil with new oil after covering a certain amount of mileage as specified by the manufacturer in the user's manual.


It is typical for foreign elements to get stuck on various parts of a zero turn lawn mower after it has been used to mow a lawn. The mistake that many people usually make is to keep their equipment away without cleaning off accumulated dirt and debris. Immediately you are done mowing, remove the spark plugs from the battery to cut off power supply and then clear off any grass, soil or oil that may have accidentally poured on the deck.

For more information, contact a mower company in your area.