Why a Pergola May Be the Perfect Addition to Your Home's Patio

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Why a Pergola May Be the Perfect Addition to Your Home's Patio

30 May 2017
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A pergola is a simple framework that includes slats for the ceiling or roof, rather than a full panel. This structure often has an Asian feeling to it, as its design is somewhat common in many parts of Asia, but it's a very popular choice in many other areas of the world as well. If you're thinking of adding some shade and needed privacy to your home's patio space, note a few reasons why a pergola may be the perfect choice.

They offer versatile shade

The slats of a pergola's roof provide partial shade that can make the outdoor area much more comfortable during warm summer days, and modern pergolas can even include adjustable slats. Using a crank or knob, you can twist these slats open or shut, similar to how you open and close blinds, for maximum control over your sun exposure. A pergola can also be outfitted with a canopy that can be opened or closed, also providing protection from sun and even a light rain.

They offer privacy and sound protection

The framework of a pergola provides a great foundation for hanging outdoor curtains or roller shades; this can mean even more protection from the sun, while also creating privacy between you and your neighbours. Outdoor curtains or sound-absorbing blinds can also make the space quieter and more comfortable.

They are easy to install

A large pergola made of thick, solid wood beams may be best installed by a professional contractor. However, smaller pergolas are available in actual kits, and you only need standard household tools and a ladder to put one together and install it on your patio or backyard area.

They can improve your patio appearance

A wood pergola can be painted or stained any colour, so its appearance can be changed when you get bored with one colour or repaint your home. The rafters and beams of a pergola also provide lots of versatility for its appearance; you can string outdoor lights or paper lanterns along the rafters to create a festive look, or hang an outdoor chandelier or other lighting fixture from the centre as well.

For a more natural feeling in the space, you might plant creeping vines along the beams and allow them to grow and surround the roof rafters. The outdoor curtains you hang for privacy and sound absorption, mentioned above, can also add softness and some colour to your patio, and you can also change those curtains when desired, for a fresh new look in the space.