Clever Tips For Hassle-Free Bathroom Renovations

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Clever Tips For Hassle-Free Bathroom Renovations

16 June 2017
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In recent years, the bathroom has ceased to be a utilitarian room in the home and is now a place to relax and have peace of mind. Thus, it comes as no surprise that there has been an increase in the demand for bathroom renovations to transform these spaces into your personal spa. Nevertheless, embarking on bathroom renovations is not merely about changing the appearance of the room. Knowing what you want to get out of your remodelling project ensures that your renovations would not be in vain. Here are some clever tips that would enable you to engage in hassle-free bathroom renovations:

Consider the bathroom waterproofing

Spillage in the bathroom is unavoidable. Therefore, one of the major aspects that you should focus on when considering a remodel is the waterproofing of your bathroom. If you live in a house that is significantly advanced in age, the waterproofing may be past its shelf life. Thus, the first place to begin your renovation would be to ensure that the bathroom is waterproofed anew to protect it from water damage. If the bathroom is small, you may consider converting it entirely into a wet room as this would prevent any chance of leaks posing the risk of mould or structural damage in your bathroom.

Consider your essential additions versus your luxuries

Before you decide on how many changes you will make in your bathroom, it is essential to have a list of what would be prudent and what would be a luxury addition. For instance, underfloor heating has become increasingly popular over the years as it significantly increases the comfort levels of the space. However, underfloor heating can be quite expensive to install, and may not be feasible on a modest budget. Therefore, it would be advisable to know renovations you absolutely cannot do away with before you begin to include these luxury additions. On the other hand, if you were remodelling your bathroom with the intent of putting your house on the market, then luxury additions would be an investment. Some potential buyers may be willing to increase their budget if they find there is a host of fancy add-ons that they would not have to invest in out of pocket.

Consider your current plumbing

A mistake made by some homeowners during a bathroom renovation is choosing to relocate their plumbing in an attempt to make their bathroom more spacious. What they are not considering is that this relocation would make the project more expensive as you would have to install new plumbing altogether. It may be better to find other solutions to create space that would provide you with a cheaper alternative.