Is Your Kitchen Space Limited? 3 Must-Have Appliances for Your New Kitchen

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Is Your Kitchen Space Limited? 3 Must-Have Appliances for Your New Kitchen

23 June 2017
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If you're having a new kitchen installed, but you don't have much room for kitting it out with every fancy appliance on the market, you don't have to compromise on functionality or style. A kitchen refit provides the opportunity to assess what was and wasn't working for you in your old kitchen and to address problem areas that were hindering your enjoyment of using your kitchen.

Get rid of all those small appliances and crockery you just don't use and replace single purpose small appliances with multifunctional alternatives that meet your needs but take up a fraction of the space. For example, if you like to make slow cooker meals, steam your vegetables and pressure cook joints of meat, opt for an Instant Pot, which does all three and can be neatly stored in a cupboard when not in use.

Large appliances can present a problem when planning a kitchen refit, as you often have to choose between bulky appliances or cupboard space, and a lack of either could reduce your kitchen's functionality. However, if you choose your appliances carefully, you can have the best of both worlds. Here are three appliances you should have in your new kitchen when space is limited:

Combination Microwave Oven

Microwaves are a must-have kitchen appliance for most busy people these days, as they make it quick and easy to sit down to a hot meal after a long day at work. However, they can't completely replace ovens as they don't do a good job of roasting meat or vegetables or turning out light and airy cakes. A combination microwave oven looks like a standard wall oven, and it can be used as either a microwave or a conventional oven at the flick of a switch. Slimline models are available, and this two-in-one appliance saves the need to have a bulky microwave cluttering up your counter.

Two-burner Cooktop

Two burner cooktops come in gas or electric models and are ideal for small kitchens with limited counter space. The cooktops are fitted the same way a standard four burner cook top is, but they take up half the space and still enable you to cook a wide variety of dishes. If you want to cook a large family meal, you can use the oven for the vegetables and that Instant Pot or slow cooker you have stored away for the meat or starch component of the meal.


A small griddle gives you extra cooking space, and it's especially useful if you do opt for a two burner cooktop. Griddles have a slimline design and can be stored on top of a cupboard, in the oven or on top of your cooktop when not in use. They are ideal if you want to make a full cooked breakfast and don't have room on your cooktop, as they can be used for eggs, bacon and pancakes. They can also be used to cook vegetables for your evening meal.

When planning your new kitchen, consider what you use the kitchen for and select appliances at the design stage to ensure your preferred layout doesn't hinder the choice of appliances available to you.