Clearing Up Some Misconceptions About Lockout Services

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Clearing Up Some Misconceptions About Lockout Services

27 June 2017
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If you've been locked out of your home or car, it's always best to call a locksmith to let you back in, rather than trying to somehow force your way inside. You can easily cause damage to a door lock or a car door by trying to force a lock open, and can also break a house or car window trying to bypass it to get inside. When you do need lockout services for your home or car, note a few misconceptions you might have about this service so you know what to expect when you call a locksmith.

Locksmiths and keyless locks

Don't assume that your keyless lock, or any high-tech lock, is outside the area of expertise of a locksmith. A locksmith can usually get through a keyless lock, a lock with a bio feature such as a fingerprint panel, a lock with an advanced alarm, and any other type of high-tech alarm system. Don't think that you can only call a car dealership or the lock manufacturer to get through a lock that is anything but standard. It's good to ask a locksmith about the type of lock you have before scheduling them to come to your location, but if you're locked out in the middle of the night when your car dealership is closed for the day, don't settle for being stuck.

Locksmiths and master keys

Locksmiths don't have master keys that open every lock for every house and every type of car. They may have certain keys that they use on certain models of locks, but typically they will still need use various tools to make that key work. This is another reason to ensure you tell a locksmith the type of lock installed on your car or home so they bring the right tools and will know what to expect from your lock once they arrive.

File cabinets, safes, interior doors

You may think that locksmiths only open the locks of exterior doors or car doors, but many locksmiths will help if you've been locked out of just about anything, including a gun safe or an office safe, a filing cabinet, a desk, an interior door, a strongbox and the like. Rather than thinking that something is too small for a locksmith to address, or that you should just keep going at that lock with a letter opener or butter knife, have a locksmith open that lock easily and safely for you.