How to Choose the Best Self-Storage Unit for Your Needs

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How to Choose the Best Self-Storage Unit for Your Needs

27 June 2017
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A self-storage unit can be a great choice for when you simply have too much "stuff" sitting around the house or want to store bulky sporting goods out of the garage and away from your car. There are many storage units on the market today, which is good since it means you're sure to find one that works for your needs, but that can also make it a challenge to narrow down those choices. Note a few tips for choosing the best self-storage unit for your needs when it comes to storing items outside your home.

Adequate space

Many people choose the smallest self-storage unit they can find and then stack all their items on top of each other, completely filling the unit. This can be good if you know you'll never need to access those items again and if you're only storing very strong and sturdy pieces. However, if you would ever need a tote or bin that's stacked in the back of the unit, you would then need to empty just about everything else in the unit before you can reach that piece. Also, note that lightweight furniture, cardboard boxes, and other such pieces can easily get crushed and damaged from being stacked and crowded together. Choose a unit that isn't oversized but which offers enough room to easily manage all your pieces.


If you're only storing some old furniture pieces or other household items that don't have much value, you may be fine with a self-storage unit that has a basic coded gate entry and not much else by way of security. However, if you want to store antiques, sporting goods, a sports car, and other such valuable items, look for a unit with 24-hour monitoring, a high fence that is difficult to climb, a coded lock on the storage unit door and other such security features.

Gate versus office hours

The gate hours are when you're allowed to access your unit; if you're a night owl or very early riser, limited gate hours may not work for you. Also, consider that these are different than office hours, which is when someone in the office to assist you with a lockout or other issues. You also want to note if there is a 24-hour emergency number, so you can call someone after hours in case of an emergency; if not, and you're locked out, you may have no choice but to wait for the next business day when the office opens!