Three Smart Ways to Use Shade Sails in Your Garden

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Three Smart Ways to Use Shade Sails in Your Garden

6 September 2017
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Shade sails are large pieces of fabric stretched between several poles. Their large surface area means they provide more effective outdoor shade than traditional options like sun umbrellas. They're also extremely versatile - whether you want to enjoy dining outdoors without the weather getting in the way, you're worried about sunburn, or you want to create extra shade in specific areas of the garden, a shade sail can help.

Read on for details on three smart shade sail applications that could be perfect for your garden.

To Create an All-Weather Outdoor Dining Area

Shade sails provide protection from harmful UV rays, meaning you and your guests won't risk sunburn while dining outdoors. They'll also keep your protected from any unexpected rain showers, and can offer wind protection when installed at an angle. Creating a paved dining area and having a shade sail installed just above creates a dedicated dining space which looks modern and sleek. Shade sails are available in a range of colours and patterns, so they're a great way to add some personality to your garden.

To Keep Kids Safe in Play Areas 

Shade sails are popular in schools and kindergartens because they're so effective at protecting kids from the sun. Unlike hats, which kids can take off, and sun umbrellas, which most kids quickly get tired of sitting under, shade sails offer protection across an entire play area. They're ideal for covering large sandpits, grassy areas, or sections of yard containing play equipment. Shade sails can also inspire fun imaginary games for kids - why not get one decorated with a skull and crossbones, then create a pirate-themed play area underneath? If your kids spend too much time staring at screens, a safe, fun, outdoor play area is the perfect way to get them out of the house.

To Provide Shade Above Your Outdoor Pool

How many times have you put on sun cream, then gone for a swim and got burned anyway? Excessive sun can make it difficult to enjoy your pool during the summer months, which is why shade sails are a smart purchase. Have sails installed directly above your pool, and you'll have plenty of shade to swim in. You won't be bothered by unbearable heat or the risk of sunburn. If you don't want your entire pool to be shaded, just install a sail covering half of it, or choose sails which can easily be taken down.

Want to make the most of your garden all year round? Investing in shade sails is a smart move.