2 Contemporary Window Styles That Will Let You Maximise The Views From Your Home

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2 Contemporary Window Styles That Will Let You Maximise The Views From Your Home

17 November 2017
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For many Australians, having a home that has a commanding and sweeping view of the surrounding environment is a dream come true. Whether this is an ocean scene, beautiful rolling hills or a bright cityscape, making the most of your outlook is an important factor for creating a dream home.

If you're constructing a new home, it's easy to make the most of your vista when your home is designed. If you're buying an existing home, particularly an older style home, then you may need to make some changes to maximise your outlook. Here are two beautiful and contemporary window styles which will open up a room and provide a fantastic framework to observe the outside world.

1. Louvre windows

Louvre windows are constructed using timber or aluminium frames which hold multiple glass panels. These panels can be opened or closed as needed using a tilt mechanism which gives you total control over airflow and security. Generally, they are fitted as floor to ceiling windows but you can also opt for half size models if needed.

Louvre windows are a great way to maximise your views without compromising on airflow. They offer the unrestricted outlook of fixed glass panels without the restrictions that a single, solid piece of glass entails. The glass louvres are designed so that the profile of the panels are unobtrusive and won't cause any interruption to your view outdoors.

2. Bifold doors

If the view that you'd like to make the most of is seen from a part of your home with a deck or patio attached, then bifold doors are a fantastic option. These doors are essentially floor to ceiling glass panels that won't restrict your view either open or closed. They open and close on a floor mounted track and the bifold style means that they tuck neatly against the wall when open.

As well as giving you maximum visual access to your surroundings, bifold doors are great for creating a unity between the interior of your home and your outdoor living space. When open, they create an unrestricted flow between the two spaces, which is wonderful when you're entertaining or enjoying the warm summer weather.

If you'd like to incorporate one or both of these ideas into your home, then contact your local window manufacturer and installer. They can help you find the right style and materials for your home's new view-maximising windows.