3 guidelines to help you effectively measure the perfect custom blinds

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3 guidelines to help you effectively measure the perfect custom blinds

27 February 2018
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It is close to impossible to find a building whose windows are exactly alike. This is the reason why instead of getting ready made blinds which may end up looking poorly fitted and untidy; experts recommend custom-made window blinds. When you have found the blind material and design which pleases you, take time and follow the following measuring tips which will help you get the perfect fit for your blinds.

Start by determining the mount

When it comes to mounts, you have to choose between an inside and an outside mount. The number that you get in the measurements varies in that when getting an inside mount, you will make your measurements excluding the window moulds and frame. On the other hand, if you are using an outside mount, your measurements should be based on the window frames. When making the measurement for the outside mount, extend the measurement to the exact spot where you want the mount to sit.

Get a tape measure made from steel

Most homeowners think that as long as it can measure lengths, it fit for the job. However, there is a difference between measuring using a steel measuring tape and a fabric one. The steel tape is firm and does not need to be stretched or pulled tight; hence, it is more likely to give an accurate measurement. A steel tape will also come in handy when you are measuring tall windows because you can just extend it and reach the heights without having to use a chair.

Measure three times

Accuracy is of utmost importance when dealing with measurements for window blinds. It is therefore recommended that before you note down a measurement, you should measure three times. Make two measurements near the ends of the window and one in the middle. When measuring the width, use the top, the middle and the bottom. Taking the measurement three times will help you correct any margin of error which could otherwise lead to ill-fitting blinds.

In addition to these three guidelines, it is always advisable to consult someone when making the measurements. When you have an extra set of eyes watching the process, it will be easy to spot errors in the process. If you are not sure about the measuring, avoid doing it yourself and have your selected custom blinds maker send an expert to make the measurements. This is the best way to minimise errors when installing custom blinds