3 Ways To Give Your Bedroom A Luxurious Revamp On A Budget

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3 Ways To Give Your Bedroom A Luxurious Revamp On A Budget

14 May 2018
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Bedrooms are often seen as a personal and private haven in a home. However, they're often neglected in favour of more public spaces when it comes to updates and improvements. If your bedroom is looking a little tired and dowdy, then you might be longing for a new look, but you might not have the funds for a full-scale refurbishment.

Fortunately, it's possible to give your old bedroom a rapid makeover that's as beautiful as it is cost effective. Here are three simple and inexpensive ways you can revamp your bedroom and make it a luxurious and serene place to rest.

1. Add new custom curtains

Curtains play both a functional and aesthetic role in a modern and attractive bedroom. They need to effectively provide privacy, block out light and enhance the overall look of the room. Replacing your old curtains with some fresh, new, custom curtains will give the whole room a more contemporary feel.

In bedrooms, light control is vital, so opt for curtains that are made with a layer of blackout material. For a luxurious look, opt for curtains that have a ceiling-to-floor drop that creates a decorative fabric wall when they're closed.

2. Add some mood lighting

Lighting is important in every room of the home, and this is particularly true in the bedroom. The right lighting can create a warm and soothing mood that will let you relax and wind down at the end of a busy day.

New bedside lamps are an inexpensive way to update the lighting in your room. Opt for light bulbs with a low wattage and a warm glow for a soft and cosy ambiance. You can update the main lights in your room by installing a decorative pendant light. Adding a dimmer switch is also a great way to control the level of brightness in the room, depending on your needs.

3. Add some new bed linen

The bed is generally the focal feature of a bedroom, and adding a new set of bed linen can transform the whole room. Make sure that you pick a fabric that works with your new curtains to ensure that the room has a cohesive and connected look.

Bed linen doesn't need to be an expensive purchase. Many department stores stock low-cost bedding that reproduces the look of more expensive designer brands. You can also get bedding bargains on many factory clearance websites which sell out-of-season, high-quality bedding for a fraction of the original price.