Tips for Moving Day When Downsizing

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Tips for Moving Day When Downsizing

29 June 2018
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If you are moving from a larger property to a smaller one, then you must be prepared for moving day. Whether you are renting or buying, downsizing means trying to fit a lot of belongings that have been in a larger space into a something a bit more diminutive. Perhaps you will have one fewer bedrooms? Maybe your living room will not have sufficient space to fit in all of your furniture? Whatever the issue is with your specific move, the way forward is to plan as much as you can in advance of your moving day. Here's what you ought to be paying attention to.

Remove Clutter

Getting rid of half-wanted possessions or clearing out a cupboard which hasn't been looked into for years is good advice for anyone who is moving. For people who are downsizing, it is really essential. Remember that decluttering does not necessarily mean throwing away everything you use rarely. Instead, a good decluttering session will help you to prioritise your belongings. Bracket them into things you'll need soon after the move, things that you might need in future which can go into storage and things you can get rid of. Sell as many high-value possessions as possible and give away serviceable items to charity shops before you simply dump stuff.

Book Professional Movers

House removals run smoother if a professional firm is booked to do the job. Not only will you have to do less physical work on moving day, but you will suffer from less stress, too. Professional removals companies can split their effort for you with ease, either by taking some items to a storage depot or directly to your new home, as you prefer. This will help you to set your new home out without too many boxes in the way. Once you have arranged the first tranche of belongings, you can then retrieve the other important ones from temporary storage. If you try to do all this yourself on moving day, then you will probably end up with things in the wrong place and a head that is spinning!

Use Stacking Crates

With limited space in your new home to unload your belongings, you need to make use of the vertical space in each room. Just like a warehouse operative, pack your things in stacking crates which sit on top of each other. This way, you will be able to move furniture around without other items getting in the way until you have the time to unpack everything. They're much better than cardboard boxes which are flimsier and tend to give way when loaded up.