Beyond Repairs and Refills: 3 Additional Services Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Companies Can Provide

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Beyond Repairs and Refills: 3 Additional Services Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Companies Can Provide

7 September 2018
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First and foremost, the main services all fire extinguisher maintenance companies provide are extinguisher inspections, refills and repairs. You may already know that these fire extinguisher services are a yearly essential, but don't forget that having working fire extinguishers isn't the only important part of your company fire safety plan. If you want to ensure you have comprehensive fire protection to keep your staff and your livelihood safe, you should look for a servicer who offers additional fire services alongside extinguisher inspections. Here are three that many great fire maintenance companies provide.

1. Fire Extinguisher Training

A fire extinguisher can save your business from disaster, but only if you and your staff are trained to use it. Since fire can strike at any time, it's important that you have multiple employees who know exactly how to use an extinguisher in an emergency. So, when choosing your fire extinguisher servicing company, look for one who can provide an affordable training course for your staff. A good course will cover basic fire awareness, explain which extinguishers to use in which situations, and give staff the confidence they need to tackle a fire outbreak. The best courses will also include a practical element with a fire simulator, though you will need an outdoor space (a small car park, for example) to conduct this in.

2. Other Equipment Services

Unless your only role at work is managing health and safety, it can be difficult to find the time to book your fire extinguisher servicing on schedule. When all the other fire equipment repairs and installations you need to keep track of are thrown into the mix, it's no surprise that many managers neglect to have all their fire maintenance conducted often enough.

To save yourself time and avoid scheduling headaches, why not look for a fire protection company that can service all your fire equipment in one session? Fire blankets, fire alarms, door retained, evacuation chairs and any other protective equipment you own all needs to be inspected regularly and fixed in a timely manner if you want your business to stay safe. Thankfully, a good extinguisher maintenance company will be able to take of them all for you.

3. Fire Risk Assessment

Ensuring all your fire equipment in functioning as it should will go a long way in protecting you in the event of an emergency. However, what good is a working fire extinguisher if it's the wrong type for the fire that breaks out or too far away to reach on time? The same goes for poorly positioned alarms, wedged-open fire doors, and other common fire protection mistakes. Fire safety regulations can be complicated; if you want to be sure you have the right protection in place, ask your maintenance company if they can do a fire risk assessment for your property and help you come up with a comprehensive fire plan that suits your needs.