Sound Reasons to Have Awnings Fitted to Your Home

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Sound Reasons to Have Awnings Fitted to Your Home

28 January 2020
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Many people in Australia choose to have an awning fitted to their residence because they want to create some shade over their patio or an area of their garden. This is their primary purpose and, consequently, you may not want to have them installed for any other reason than to feel more comfortable when you are outside. However, awnings have several other advantages that you may not have considered before. What are some of the most important ones to know about?

Lower Your Body Temperature

When you are sitting outside your home, perhaps entertaining friends or enjoying a barbecue with your family, your body temperature can rise due to the fact that you are sitting in the sun. Most doctors agree that prolonged exposure to higher temperatures is not good for the body, especially if you are consuming alcohol, which can leave you feeling dehydrated. Even dappled shade cast by a tree won't help you to regulate your body temperature in the same way that deploying an awning can. In short, sitting under one will allow you to enjoy your garden without any of the associated health problems related to the strong Australian sun, not least skin cancer.

Lower Your Electricity Bills

When you have an awning fitted over a large window or a glazed patio door, you will create more shade both outside and inside of your house. Very often, reception rooms with large windows get hot in summer because lots of energy from the sun comes streaming in. Rather than drawing your curtains and cutting out all the light, you can deploy an awning to help keep the inside of your home cool. In turn, this will mean that your air conditioning units need to be turned on less frequently. As a result, awnings can soon pay for themselves because they will help to drop your expenditure on electrical energy.

Create an Entertainment Zone

When you have an awning fitted these days, you can obtain ones which have integrated lighting. Some manufacturers include LED lights in the arms and beams of the awnings they produce, which means that they look very attractive. What's more, opting for these sorts of awnings means that you will end up with a stylish entertainment zone outside your home which will continue to work well with guests long after the sun has gone down and into the evening. In fact, they're great and safe to use even if it is raining!