What To Consider Before Your Bathroom Renovation

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What To Consider Before Your Bathroom Renovation

14 May 2020
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You definitely want a bathroom that reflects your personal style and is comfortable to be in. Apart from that, it is every homeowner's desire to have a bathroom that has the right amenities and fixtures that provide function and value. Whether you are remodelling your bathroom to increase your home's resale value or to make it more appealing to your needs, there are certain tips that will come in handy.


It is important to make a budget for the entire project. Determine the cost of the company you will hire, the type of renovation, the size of the project, the cost of fixtures and other miscellaneous expenses. Research extensively and compare and contrast the prices of different service providers. With proper planning, you will be able to proceed with the project without unnecessary hiccups.


One of the most significant elements of a bathroom renovation is its plumbing. There is a lot of debris that passes through the drainage pipes in your bathroom. To avoid clogging, you should install larger drainage pipes. For example, you can upgrade from one and half-inch pipes to two-inch pipes. If you reside in an area where temperatures go below freezing point during the winter, do not route your plumbing through an exterior wall as this could result in blockages.


Many homeowners think of bathrooms as tech-free zones, but if you want to make your bathroom more accommodating, consider technology in your renovation plan. Innovations such as a digital shower with a temperature gauge, voice-controlled lighting or a shower head with a built-in Bluetooth speaker will make your bathroom more inviting. You can also invest in mirror cabinets that have touchless control panels for operating the light dimming function.

Professional Remodeling

While you may be tempted to remodel your bathroom on your own, relying on a professional makes it worth your while. You will make huge savings in terms of the quality of the job, the materials used and the time taken as opposed to undertaking the project on your own. Ensure you verify the credentials of the contractor you're working with and look into their reputation and experience.


Bathroom renovation is an exciting activity to look forward to as a homeowner. With the right considerations, you can transform your bathroom into a comfortable and enjoyable room. Ensure you make a budget of all the requirements for the successful completion of the project. Your renovations should focus mainly on plumbing and technology. Make sure you hire a house remodelling expert for best results.