Why Fit Blinds In a Downstairs Bedroom?

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Why Fit Blinds In a Downstairs Bedroom?

28 August 2020
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Although the design of a typical suburban Australian home will have the bedrooms on the upper storey, there are plenty of dwellings where you will find a ground-floor bedroom or two. It is not just bungalows that have downstairs bedrooms, either. There are numerous ground-floor apartments which have their bedrooms at street level, too, of course. Furthermore, you might have a reception room that has been converted to a bedroom to cope with an expanding family or to serve more than one purpose, such as a study as well as a guest room.

In cases where a bedroom might be looked into directly from outside, such as when they are situated downstairs, blinds often make the most sense. Why?

Enjoy More Light Control

One of the best things about Venetian blinds, in particular, is that you can get just the right level of light into a bedroom so that it does not feel too gloomy during the daytime. With another sort of window treatment, such as a pair of curtains, you have to pull them almost all the way across to control the amount of sunlight coming in. With vertical and Venetian blinds, however, you have slats which can be angled to precise positions, allowing your bedroom to feel light and airy without compromising your privacy from casual passers-by. Of course, at night, you can also shut out all the light from street lamps and so on as well as making sure the bright sun doesn't wake you at the crack of dawn.

Stop People Looking In

As mentioned, privacy is commonly a bigger issue for downstairs bedrooms than ones on the first floor. With a professional Venetian blinds installation in your home's downstairs bedrooms, you can cut out all of the viewing angles from outside no matter where they might be. However, when the slats of Venetian blinds are set diagonally, you can still see out. This means only someone with their face to your window would be able to look inside and they'd only be able to attain a very limited view if they tried. This is much better for maintaining your privacy than fitting net curtains which attract dust and, in many people's opinion, look old-fashioned and fussy.

A Cost-Effective Choice

By and large, blinds are a cheaper option than curtains even though they are often better for bedrooms, especially ground-floor ones. This means that if you have several bedrooms to decorate, you can achieve consistency in your design — whether you are talking about upstairs or downstairs sleeping accommodation — without having to break the bank. Roller blinds are the cheapest option but Venetian blinds probably add the most value given their other advantages.

For more information, reach out to a Venetian blinds installation service in your area.