Are Security Doors Good For Rear Entrances?

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Are Security Doors Good For Rear Entrances?

20 May 2021
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Security doors are most often fitted to the front of a property to prevent unwarranted access from an intruder. By and large, they will deter criminals from attempting to gain access to your home through the main entranceway. They simply look tougher to batter down and will have superior locks that are harder to pick. However, they also have a crucial role to play when you want to improve the security of the rear of your home. Why are security doors such a good option if you want to safeguard your home at the back entrance? Read on to find out.

They Cover Weak Entry Points

To begin with, many professional burglars will target rear doors rather than front doors when they attempt to break in. Although this is seldom an issue for casual or opportunistic thieves, you need to take into account the security of your back door if there has been a spate of burglaries in your neighbourhood. This is because multiple break-ins may indicate a career criminal is involved. By augmenting the security of your home's back door, you will be able to sleep better at night and feel you can leave your property unattended without unduly worrying about a potential weak spot that's too easy to force open.

They Improve Aeration

If you have security screens fitted over your rear entrance, then you can leave your back door open while you are out in your garden. This means that your home can be better ventilated while you are out in the pool or doing some gardening, for example. Better aerated homes are healthier ones because germs and airborne particles will be much less likely to build up inside. Of course, security screens have just the same anti-burglary properties as security doors but they also mean you get better aeration.

They're Fire Retardant

Bushfires have become an increasing problem in Australia in recent years. One of the often-overlooked aspects of high-quality security doors is that they are also very good at preventing the spread of fire. This is because they have tight seals between the door and the frame they sit in. Therefore, if you were ever to face the prospect of a bushfire spreading towards your home from the back of your property, then you would have a lot longer to take appropriate action than you would otherwise enjoy with a standard door. Always look for the fire retardant properties of any security doors you are considering fitting whether they are for the front or the rear of your property.

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