Organising Your Self Storage Unit to Make the Most of It

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Organising Your Self Storage Unit to Make the Most of It

28 February 2022
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When you take the opportunity to declutter your home, you may not want to throw everything away. In some cases, you might want to hang on to the items. Or, you may want to sell them. In such circumstances, hiring a self-storage unit can prove useful. Here are some ways you can organise yours and make the most of it. 

Ruthlessly Remove Items

If your intentions for your personal storage are to store what you're decluttering, take a ruthless approach. Examine each item and ask yourself whether you're likely to use it in the future. If not, does it hold any significant or sentimental value? Should you answer no to all those questions, either donate it, sell it, or throw it away. When you have fewer items to store, staying organised becomes easy. Additionally, you'll save on the amount of storage space you need to hire and cut costs.

Pack According to Access Needs

After discarding the items you no longer need, start grouping items according to how often you'll use them. For example, you'll likely need your Christmas decorations once a year but you might use your kayak several times throughout the summer. Placing the items that you use regularly towards the front of your self-storage unit makes it easier for you to access them. By not making your way through piles of items each time you go into your unit, you save time and you're less likely to break anything.

Label Every Box

Ideally, you'll store smaller items into boxes so that they stay safe. How you label them is up to you. If the box contains only one type of item it's okay to label it as such. However, if it contains several items from one particular room, you may want to label it according to the room. Another way to approach the task is to give the box a number, write the number on a sheet and then match its contents on the sheet with that number. For example, box number one may contain plates, knives, and forks, so you would group those items under number one on your sheet.

Try Shelving

Using shelving may take up more space, but it can help you organise yourself. If you're not using particularly large boxes, it's preferable to placing boxes on top of one another. In addition to making your boxes easier to access, using shelving means you're less likely to injure yourself or break items when getting them out.