Kylie Howell

The first house I bought had bare floors that had seen better days, so I started looking at flooring options with the view that one type of flooring would suit my whole home. I chose pine flooring for every room, and that was a costly mistake. Pine is a softwood, and it didn't hold up well in busy traffic areas. I decided to learn more about different types of flooring that are available before parting with more money, and I started this blog to share what I learned and provide new homeowners with some tips for choosing the right flooring for each room in their home. I hope you find my blog useful.

Organising Your Self Storage Unit to Make the Most of It

28 February 2022
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When you take the opportunity to declutter your home, you may not want to throw everything away. In some cases, you might want to hang on to the items. Or, you may want to sell them. In such circumstances, hiring a self-storage unit can prove useful. Here are some ways you can organise yours and make the most of it.  Ruthlessly Remove Items If your intentions for your personal storage are to store what you're decluttering, take a ruthless approach. Read More …

3 Ways to Make an Interstate Move Easier

26 October 2021
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Moving to a different state is exciting and overwhelming at the same time, with lots to consider. However, as described below, there are a few things you can do to make the experience easier, from choosing the right movers to starting your packing early. Clear Out Your House Beforehand Clearing out your house in advance of an interstate move is a great idea, as it ensures that you aren't dragging things you don't want across the country. Read More …

7 Great Benefits of Interior Plantation Shutters

30 August 2021
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If you are planning to upgrade your home's interior, then you may need to replace your current window treatments too. Many homeowners are turning to plantation shutters nowadays because they offer many unique benefits. 1. They give you temperature control During the summer, you may want to ventilate your home. With plantation shutters, you can ventilate your home while blocking the solar heat of the sun. By adjusting the louvres, you have full control over how much air and solar heat enters your home. Read More …

When To Call For A Ceiling Insulation Inspection

16 July 2021
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Insulation is used in almost every part of your home to keep you protected from the outside temperatures. You have insulation in your walls, floor and, perhaps most importantly during winter, your ceiling. Everyone knows that hot air rises and with poor ceiling insulation you will likely lose a lot of this created heat. But how do you know when your ceiling insulation is beginning to fail and when you should call for a ceiling insulation inspection? Read More …

Are Security Doors Good For Rear Entrances?

20 May 2021
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Security doors are most often fitted to the front of a property to prevent unwarranted access from an intruder. By and large, they will deter criminals from attempting to gain access to your home through the main entranceway. They simply look tougher to batter down and will have superior locks that are harder to pick. However, they also have a crucial role to play when you want to improve the security of the rear of your home. Read More …